A downloadable game for Windows

Explode all blocks with this fun and fast pacing game inspired by Breakout/Arkanoid.


A, D - Move

Space - launch the ball

Mouse Left - Bullet time

Mouse Right - Activate Special

Shift + Mouse Scroll - Change Special

Esc - pause

How to Play

Start using Spacebar to launch the ball. Use the mouse to point the direction where the ball will bounce. 

Destroy blocks to charge special bar. When charged, use mouse right click to use the special. Next time the ball touches the charged paddle it will activate the special.

Use mouse left click to use bullet time to slowdown time and catch the ball (costs special power).

Destroy many blocks before the ball touches the paddle again to count as combo points.

Use combo points to buy upgrades.


combo_breaker-0.9.1.zip 30 MB

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